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September 18, 2005



The wikipedia article you link to on breatharians reads that there have been "no verified cases of this occurring indefinitely to date" which may perhaps be technically correct, but is more practically misleading. The BBC quite recently reported on Prahlad Jani who was under observation for 10 days with no food/water and absolutely no ill effect. He in fact claims to have not consumed food or water for much longer, but has better things to do like meditate in solitude rather than shattering illusions for doctors. He's in Gujarat, and if you're interested, I'm sure he's accessible to genuine truth seekers like you and Mark. In fact, do an iJourney profile on him so we can all benefit from your encounter!

Paramahansa Yogananda wrote about wrote about his experience and encounter with Giri Bala who refrained from consuming food and water for decades. He also mentions several other contemporaries of his in Autobiography of a Yogi who had achieved mastery over the technique that allows one to do this.

The fact remains that though living by air alone has been demostrated to be possible, its inaccessible to most of us precisely because we still believe the dream to be real. And if your mind is trapped in the Matrix, your body dies because of your trapped mind, as Morpheus pointed out :-)


Good point. I didn't link to that site because of its content, but because of it's neutrality which I figured would work itself out in the long run. I actually don't take any fixed position on the issue though have heard close accounts of this being possible.

Your points are well-taken.

Dan O'Neill

hey john. remember me? i just read (most) of your blog page while sitting here at work. sounds like you are doing extremely well for yourself! i am still having a hard time believing you weren't high in high school-just kidding... also, i don't think you ever saw willie acton's nipples, cuz you would have been taking your shirt off left and right if you had!!!

i am married with a 2 yr. old son named luke and twins on the way in april. kind of scary, but i am looking forward to the challenge.

drop me a line if you get the chance, otherwise, i'll keep checking the site to see where you're at. i hope all is well.


Holy cow, dude.

I think you’re about the first person I’ve run into from high school since, like, uh… high school. :)

Yeah, I heard about Willie’s nipples. Somehow that didn’t help. :)

How did you find this blog? Laetitia? :) I’ll drop you a line.


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