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let your heart go and your mind will follow. ;)


you don't have to keep track of it all, thankfully.

we might all go crazy then -_^


Dood,you're not posting! *smile*


The south definetely has it's own culture. Accents of all varieties although those not from the south would simply state that the accents are "Southern." Yanks absolutely have migrated down south; however some are considered I believe snow birds....only coming down south during the winter. In the smaller cities/towns you will find the traditional southern manners....old southern style....traditions that have been passed down from generation to genernation.

I will have to say that I am happy that you had the chance to stop in Charleston, SC. Have lived a few years when I was a child and visited while I was a teenager I have fond memories of the old houses and plantation homes. Good to hear that freedom of speach is being adhered to.

Thanks for your detailed past.

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