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I have been thinking of you and what you have been going through, but it´s wonderful to read it in your own words. Thanks for writing

To your list I would add, if I may ... that ´timing´(of actions, events, things) has a more important place in life than we can imagine or even begine to understand.

In your struggle you have been an embodiment of grace, courage, indomitability and inspiration to your friends.

Wishing you ever more strength in your legs so you can return home soon.

much love from Guadalajara,


Yaniv brother, it's great to see you making strides towards perfect health. This morning at the breakfast table I shared your blog entry "Making heads or tails of it" with my family. Your resilient grace speaks of the choice with each of us to chisel our perceptions of what happens to and around us. In being receptive, you have allowed adversity to be a good (albeit painful) teacher.

It's a lesson I aspire to remember.


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